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Errortracking: Helping you write better error messages. Errortracking helps you write better error messages by using comprehensive automated testing to expose details that may not be visible to your users. Error tracking also captures details about how errors are handled, which is useful for providing transparency into errors that your users are seeing. Creating a library In the simplest case, errortracking can be added to an existing native library. The code looks like this: In this sample the native library was built using Delphi Build and the shared library is a native library. (The library may be a shared library or static library.) Libs package However, in other cases, errortracking may be used as a standalone packaged shared library. This sample creates a package containing a sample project for each platform and a single shared library ( Compiling native libraries with liberrortracking In native libraries built with errortracking, the native application automatically loads the errortracking.dll shared library on startup. Using the shared library Applications are responsible for loading the shared library and then creating an instance of the errortracking.IErrorTrackingService interface to make requests. Each call to create the interface triggers a call to the static Create method in the errortracking.dll shared library to create an instance of the interface. Prerequisites To use the sample native application you will need: Delphi Delphi 7, Delphi 2009, or Delphi XE4. Install the Delphi Setup Bundle for Windows. Install the Delphi Package Manager for Windows. Run the installers as Administrator. To use the shared library you will need: a Windows or macOS machine running Delphi an active Internet connection An Installer setup project template is also included in the package to help you create your own setup packages and install the errortracking.dll shared library on your machine. The sample project template includes instructions for building the shared library using the Delphi Build utility. Error tracking features This section includes the errortracking.dll shared library’s documentation. For more information on the implementation of the errortracking.dll shared library or the features included in




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Delphi 10 Free Full Version 18 yessnine

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