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Elements Of Electromagnetics 6th Edition Sadiku Pdf 241 [Latest] 2022




This is undoubtedly true for students who are not already reasonably familiar with electrodynamics and the related concepts such as fields and the Lorentz group. Since most introductory courses in physics are focused on the classical theory of electromagnetism, most students begin the course by tackling these terms without any formal pre-requisite. Many physics students are bewildered when they learn the correct answers, which are not always clear, to some of the fundamental questions posed to them, and believe that the electromagnetic theory in the standard textbooks is deficient in that respect. This problem is compounded by the fact that electrodynamics is one of the few branches of classical physics that actually can be treated using an intuitive approach. Most textbooks are written in the context of the classical theory, but they seem to assume that a prior acquaintance with classical physics has been obtained by the students. There are several reasons why it is so difficult to teach the classical theory of electromagnetism. The difficulty can be partly attributed to the fact that electrodynamics is the classical theory with the weakest mathematical foundation. It is true that the Maxwell equations, the Lorentz group, and the concept of field all have a very simple intuitive meaning. In fact, it is not even clear why there is any need for mathematical rigor when dealing with fields. While students may find it difficult to understand the intuitive meaning of the Maxwell equations, they will grasp the Lorentz group in seconds. The Lorentz group is the only non-abelian group, and in the theory of relativity, the non-abelian nature of the group is crucial in understanding the dynamics of fields. Finally, the need for a rigorous mathematical formulation of the theory of electromagnetism can be seen by considering that the only non-trivial problem in classical electrodynamics is the quantization of the theory, which is a non-abelian theory in disguise. Fortunately, the classical theory of electrodynamics does not have any significant role to play in many areas of physics. This means that the main difficulties that students encounter are not physical, but rather mathematical. The following are some of the mathematical difficulties that students encounter when they attempt to work with fields.



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Elements Of Electromagnetics 6th Edition Sadiku Pdf 241 [Latest] 2022

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